High dynamic range skydome panorama for use as a spherical environment in 3d scenes.

  • Time of day: 21:26
  • Sun Angle, where 0 means the sun is on the horizon and 90 means directly overhead: N/A
  • Approx EV adjustment: 7.50EV or 181.01 output multiplier
  • Version 5 (2126_5.hdr)


  • Radiance (.hdr) file
  • Backplates (Straight photos of the sky taken at the same time as the HDRi) in 16 bit raw format (.dng)
  • Backplates in JPG format
  • 14000x7000px resolution
  • Now version v5, Skies are calibrated to real world photographic values

Please note that the preview scenes are not included in the download.

Soho scene made using Bertrand Benoit's modular Soho set, which can be purchased on Turbosquid.

Stockholm Apartment scene designed by Tina Bergman. Artwork by Tina Bergman.