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Email me at and I will always do my best to help. Do bear in mind though that I might not always respond immediately!

Hopefully most issues with downloading past purchases will be easier to resolve now (see section below), and do check the FAQ section below before you email.

Where can I find past purchases from PG SKIES when it was on 3DOcean/Squarespace/Shopify?

On the Account page, you can either recover your account by entering the email you used to make the purchases originally and clicking 'forgotten password' OR if you aren't interested in setting up an account, you can just enter your email and click 'resend order email'. If you are having problems please email me at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I opened the hdr in Photoshop and all I see is white and black. What am I doing wrong?"
A: The brightness of each sky is carefully calibrated so that you get a realistic level of illumination when you use a physical camera in your rendering program. If you are confused by apparent overexposure in Photoshop, remember photoshop is displaying a preview of part of the whole dynamic range, you can simply drag the exposure slider down at the bottom left of the image window to view the full range. Watch this video if you don't see where to change the exposure preview in Photoshop:

Q: "Should i change the gamma value of the sky to get stronger shadows?"
A: No. The new skies should have much better defined shadows as the sun intensity values have been calibrated. Changing the gamma results in incorrect colours in the visible part of the sky in your render.

Q: "I have a discount code from when I bought Corona Renderer which doesn't work, what can I do?"
A: Email me and I'll give you a new one

Q: "What does Approx EV Adjustment mean in the product description?"
A: Some people prefer to have all skies at a general level of illumination so they don't need to adjust exposure levels in the frame buffer or virtual camera. This EV adjustment can be used in a corona color correction map and stored in a material library.

Q: "I have added products to the cart but they are not there when I view cart"
A: There is a temporary issue with mobile safari, possibly mobile chrome too, we are looking into it!

Q:"Nothing happens when I click complete order?!"
A: If you have added an EU VAT number in the incorrect format it may cause this behavior, check your VAT number is valid at (put it in both sections)


All skies have now updated to v5 which feature the following improvements that have been made over the years:

  • Horizon clutter cleaned up (Buildings, Cranes and other things on the skyline)
  • Backplates in RAW format added (dng)
  • Corrected sun intensities to be more realistic as it is not possible to shoot a hdr and capture the full dynamic range of the sun.
  • Resolutions have increased over the years, from 8k, to 10k and lately 14k.
  • v5 has been a significant update to calibrate the brightness of the hdr files to the correct photographic exposure value.

Licensing At A Glance

PG SKIES hereby grants you an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable royalty free worldwide license to the digital product (Content) you have selected.

You are licensed to use the Content as many times as you like for any of the Permitted Uses defined in Section 12 of our Terms of Use. You are NOT licensed to use the Content in any other way. Any use of the Content that is not a Permitted Use shall constitute infringement of copyright. All other rights in and to the Content, including, but not limited to, all copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the Content, are retained by The Boundary Store.

You may install the Content in only one location at a time, with a location being an physical office or workplace. As an example, companies with offices in more than one city or country should purchase the Content multiple times.