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Please email me at and I'll do my best to help. There is also a lot of info in this page and on my blog.

General Notes:

IMPORTANT: Note that these HDRi skies are not complete 360 degree x 180 degree panoramas, only the top half (the sky) is present.

3DOcean /  Customers:

If you have already bought PG Skies from when they were sold through 3DOcean or PG.NET please email me with the email order confirmation and I will give you a code to re-download the skies for free. You will also get update emails if newer versions are released.


As I regularly update my skies to improve them, maintaining the bundles has become increasingly difficult. If you previously bought HDR Sky Packs 1-5 you can email me your receipt and I will provide codes to download the skies again individually. This way you will be eligible for future updates.


Approx 7000px wide (newer skies 14000px), good enough in most cases to be used as the directly visible sky. When you want more control, or the sky is visibly low res, you can use the supplied JPG or RAW backplates.


Comes with a series of straight shots of the sky taken at the same time as the HDRi and with the same color temperature so it matches your render. Photos are in both .jpg and 16 bit .dng format.

*Note that a minimum of Photoshop CS5 or Lightroom 4 is required to open the .dng files


If you are confused by apparent overexposure in photoshop, remember photoshop is displaying a preview of part of the whole dynamic range, you can simply drag the exposure slider down at the bottom left of the image window to view the full range. My HDRi Skies FAQ might be a good place to start.

Remember to change the mapping type to environ/spherical environment.

In all HDRs the sun is oriented south>north for easy control of shadow direction. To change the rotation enter a value from 0-1 in the bitmap offset, for example to have the sun coming from the east, change it to 0.25, from the north: 0.5 etc. If you use the VRayHDRi loader, use degrees for rotation instead (0-360).

I usually use the exr in a vray dome light rather than as a max environment map. If you are using a vrayphysical camera then a good starting point would be to set the output of the exr (in the bitmap loader) to 1, set the vray dome light to a multiplier of 1 and leave the vrayphysical camera exposure at default. (F8, 1/200th, ISO 100 ) From there you can adjust either the bitmap output multiplier or the vraydomelight multiplier till you are happy with the exposure. (I find the multiplier can vary between 0.5 and 2.0)

If you use V-Ray, I strongly suggest loading the exr or hdr file using the VRayHDRi loader: it has much better bitmap filtering so even when using a zoom lens you dont see any pixellation in the sky.

For Corona users, you can simply load the hdr file as a bitmap and use it in the environment slot.

Please feel free to visit my blog for my most recent preferred workflow with HDRi skies.


Individual skies now have separate version numbers but in general all skies have gone through a similar update process:

  • The original skies as sold on 3DOcean
  • A significant update to remove horizon clutter and include RAW backplates
  • Example scene files were added
  • Addition versions of the HDR fiels were added with corrected sun intensities

Whenever a sky is updated you will receive an email notification inviting you to download the new version for free.

Please check the name of the zip file you have to check which version you are using, the name of the .hdr file does not change.

Licensing Terms:

For full license terms please refer to section 3, 4 and 5 of the Terms of Service.