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HDRi - 1927 Moody Sky

HDRi - 1927 Moody Sky



High dynamic range skydome panorama for use as a spherical environment in 3d scenes.

  • Time of day: 19:27
  • Sun Angle, where 0 means the sun is on the horizon and 90 means directly overhead: N/A


  • Radiance (.hdr) file
  • Backplates (Straight photos of the sky taken at the same time as the HDRi) in 16 bit raw format (.dng)
  • Backplates in JPG format
  • Scene File in 3dsmax + V-Ray format
  • Scene File in 3dsmax + Corona format

Guide to version numbers:

  • v1 - Original PG SKIES. If you see buildings or landscape at the horizon it's v1
  • v2 - As v1, plus horizon painted out, backplates in DNG format as well as JPG
  • v3 - As v2, plus corrected (artificial) sun intensity versions included where applicable
  • v4 - As v3, plus sky extended below horizon

FAQ / Usage Notes (Please read before emailing me!). Most importantly, read the HDRi Skies FAQ on my blog.